Divine Nature

Divine Nature

Each Soul is perfect in its creation and does not, nor can it be fundamentally changed. But then why would you want to, it is you, practically perfect in every way. Each Soul has its own unique combination of innate gifts and talents, this is its Divine nature. The Soul can however be affected in its function by energetic blocks and restrictions gathered by choices during its human incarnations. I will explain more about this at a later date.

If we accept the Soul enters the body at birth, into a body ideally selected for the Soul to enable it to express and experience its Divine nature in human form living in the 3rd dimension. However nothing is as simple and straight forward as that. The Soul may well have been incarnated many times before but now has to become accustomed to a new body and physical form.

From birth onwards we are subjected to care and guidance from our parents, siblings, friends and relatives. Up to the age of 6-7 years situations we are present at that occur resulting with remarks such as “you shouldn’t do that”, “don’t do that” or “turn that b****y music down” become automatic program responses in our sub conscious which will call upon in later life. Some of these can influence the way we act and react to life’s challenges, but are learned from our human society.

Underneath this bombardment of information on how we should be and behave from the human side and trying its hardest to break through, is your unique Soul with your Divine nature. The Divine nature consists of a number of factors the 2 most important of which are where the Soul originates from and its main energy centre.

Souls can originate from many places in this galaxy and beyond. Each place of origination provides unique characteristics for that Soul common to every Soul from that place.

Each Soul comprises of 8 major energy centres one or sometimes two of which will be more prominent than the others. These energy centres contain the Soul’s innate gifts and talents. Combine the Soul’s origination and main energy centre together and the result is the Soul’s Divine nature.

Being aware of your Divine nature, what you truly are at Soul level, you can begin to make choices in alignment with your innate gifts and talents. Life may become more enjoyable as you begin to express your Divinity in human form, things may begin to slip into place easier with less aggravation. You may begin to understand how and why things do not come to fruition no matter how hard you try, remember, not all things are congruent to who we are.

We are all individuals at human and Soul level, combining the two makes us even more unique and can take a while to fully comprehend.

To find your own Divine nature or if you have any other questions please contact me.


So do we have a choice? Yes we always have a choice and what is more we have Divine given freewill to make which choices we want.

I would just like to clarify what I mean by choice. We start with a mental thought that becomes an idea which we then make a decision on whether to act on or not. When we act, actually physically do something, it then becomes a choice and every choice has a consequence that will remain until another choice is made.

We are here to express and experience our Divine nature in human form, the freewill and choice we are granted with gives us the power to choose how we do this. However, with power comes responsibility for the consequences of our choices/actions. Many people do not want the responsibility and would rather others make the choices for them and then shift the blame when events do not turn out to their advantage. But here’s the thing, the responsibility does not go away.

As Neil Peart of rock band Rush so eloquently said “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice”. So if you make a choice not to do something because you are avoiding taking responsibility all you are doing is given away your power in influencing events, the responsibility of your choice remains.

You may ask why this is important, well it depends on what you want to do. Choices made in alignment with your Divine nature will lead to a life of abundance and happiness. Choices made against your Divine nature will lead to a life of unhappiness and lack.

It sounds easy doesn’t it, but remember all choices have consequences so choose mindfully, also be aware that we are being bombarded by the consequences of everyone else’s choices all the time.

Too fanciful you might think, so why not try it out and see what happens the choice is literally yours and in my opinion it’s a bit of a no brainer, but there is absolutely no judgement from Spirit with what you decide upon, this is your life experience and you can carry it out however you like.